Saturday, 30 December 2006

Granny Blogs-O.A.P. Heaven


and welcome to grannyblogs. A specialised blog created for anyone like me, who has a passion for bootylicious o.a.p.'s.

If you prefer your women to be in the golden years of their lives, and believe that grey-hair and wrinkles are a sign that a women has reached her sexual peek, then you are what is known as a GERONTOPHILIA or in plain english a G.M.I.L.F lover.

If the sight of an pensioner in a pair of surgical stockings and flat comfortable orthopaedic shoes has the same effect on you as a young woman in silk stockings and high-heels has on other men, then welcome too the club.

In grannyblogs the only pictures you'll see are those of genuine old women of all shapes and sizes, aged to perfection.